What is a virtual store?

As an entrepreneur, a store or an office is one of the things that gives prospects a strong credibility feeling about your services. For startups, it might be hard or capital intensive to get a location. The only way to curb this is with a virtual store with takes little efforts to obtain.

A virtual store is literally an online store. It is marketing yourself and your products online. That is, Ecommerce. Technology is taking over a great sector of the world economy, any business that does not use technology to enhance its sales would be losing out on so many. A virtual store gives a customer the experience at a local store from the comfort of their homes.

Fashlupum as a virtual store:

Fashlupum is an online B-to-B system. It enables every entrepreneur to have a virtual store that can give your customers a great experience from the confines of their home. We are here to help you build your customer base outside the confines of Nigeria.

Fashlupum allows every entrepreneur who wants to own a virtual store to do so without any cost. You bring wholesale quality goods and services, we connect you to your wholesale customers around Africa.

Relevance of selling on Fashlupum

  1. It is without cost. You only need to create an account with us and upload your products to the marketplace website.
  2. Fashlupum does not claim any ownership whether completely or in part to your product.
  3. We give your wholesale quality goods a reach outside Nigeria. We connect different African countries to buy from you.
  4. Logistics is on us. Etc

It sounds too good to be true but a trial with us will give you a conviction. Seize this opportunity and make your business bigger with Fashlupum.

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